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Infusing Passion into my Desk Job

When we consider our dream job, we often think of finding a vocation; some ideal job that makes us passionate and excited about going to work every day. Some might think of jobs like doctors, yoga instructors, even video game designers, but compliance officer probably doesn't come to mind.

But what if I told you that you don't need to quit your job and move to Bali to find your vocation? What if we could turn our current job into our vocation? What if we could get just as excited about being a researcher, a data analyst, or even a compliance officer?

I believe that by partnering with your organization you can turn any job into a vocation and here is why.

When I found something that I was really passionate about, however, things changed. As I progressed in paratriathlon it started to become another full-time job in itself. My schedule consisted of two workouts per day, physiotherapy and massage appointments, and frequent travel for international competitions. It was no longer possible for me to remain a 'good employee', at least based on my old definition of what that entailed.

That's when my mindset changed. I started to ask, "what do I need from my job?" That answer was pretty simple: flexibility and the potential for remote work. Little did I know that these asks would help me turn my "job" into a vocation. Here's how:

Infusing Passion

Asking for what I wanted gave me something to prove. I was no longer doing tasks because I was told to, instead, I was doing them for myself. I wanted to prove that I could be both an exceptional athlete and an exceptional employee.

The first time Medicure permitted me to work remotely to attend a competition was one of the most productive work weeks that I have had. Why? Because my triathlon career depended on it. I wanted to prove that I could work effectively while on the road for a triathlon event. The motivation of keeping something important to me in my life made it easy to put in the extra effort. This infused passion into even the most mundane tasks.

Success Breeds Success

Have you ever noticed how top executives seem to be good at everything? These are often intelligent, analytical thinkers who could outrun you in a foot race and play you a violin concerto at the finish line. This is because success breeds success. It builds confidence. Medicure provided me with the flexibility I needed to succeed in paratriathlon and as a result, I became more confident. In turn, this led to more confidence in the workplace.

Doing what makes you feel like a winner in your personal life will make you perform like a winner in the workplace. Asking for what you need to set you up for success in your personal life will lead to more wins at work.

Partners Work Harder

Asking Medicure for what I needed also had another unexpected benefit: our relationship changed. I now felt like more than an employee. I felt like they actually cared about me. We became partners, working together toward common goals. When employees truly take on the goals of the company, they become invested in its success and will do a great deal more to ensure its success.

So, what if you are not juggling a sports and compliance career? Can you use these same principles in your own life? Of course. Identify your passions and ask for what you need to keep them in your life. Rather than trying to be a robot employee, start asking for what you need from your employer to turn your job into a vocation, infuse it with passion, and make you feel like both a winner and a partner.

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