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Help Support Other Canadian Athletes #CANFund

I was 25 when I sustained a spinal cord injury and I thought that my life was over, just as it was beginning. In an instant I had to say goodbye to my hobbies, my career and my home because none of these were accessible to me as a paraplegic women.

The worst part was the way that the world reacted to me. Everyone who walked into my room burst into tears. My story was one of loss and sadness. I could not let it end this way. So started to fight to get my life back, to find joy again.

It took a great deal of effort to wake up every day and commit to finding joy amidst all of the loss and sadness. That is until, I found parasport.

Slowly pushing a racing wheelchair around the track at the University of Manitoba, I found joy, I found confidence, I found myself.

In this way, sport helped me to rewrite the story of my life from a tragedy to a triumph. I truly believe that sport saved my life and mine is not the only life to have been saved by sport.

If you believe in the power of sport the way I do, please consider donating to CANFund to support Canadian athletes on their journey in sport.

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