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Crossing the Line
Not Just My Story

Crossing the finish line is one of the most emotional feelings in sport. With it you bring the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice of not only yourself but those who helped get you there. This website is dedicated to those who have helped me throughout my journey in parasport.


About Leanne Taylor

Paralyzed from the waist down in a biking accident in 2018, Leanne Taylor decided while in hospital she was going to be a paratriathlete. Leanne completed her first paratriathlon just 8 months after being injured. Now she has her sights set on Paris 2024. This website is dedicated to those who have helped Leanne cross the finish line.

A New Set of Firsts

"There's a silver lining in that I get to experience the excitement of getting to try things again for the first time."

Leanne first time trying a racing chair with Colin Mathieson - still inpatient at hospital

First Run

With Paralympian Colin Mathieson

First bike ride post injury - borrowing Kris Cowley bike - 4 wks post injury (2).JPG

First Bike

With Paralympian Kris Cowley


First Swim

With Parastorm Swim Club

First Triathlon

"I went there just saying “Oh, please finish. I hope nothing horrible happens in front of the national team coach. I just want to finish and not look like a complete fool."

Leanne Enters Finish Shoot of Her First Triathlon Race

“I didn’t know her when her accident happened, but how quickly she was determined to do something good and purposeful and to challenge herself says something. She’s constantly challenging herself and I know it’s not easy. For sure what she’s gone through has been a big challenge but she hasn’t even stopped to feel sorry for herself. She has taken charge of it in such a positive way that it makes everybody else just want to get on board and go with her. She does have this infectious positivity that is rare in our day.”

Carolyn Murray, Head Coach of the Canadian Paratriathlon Team

Thank You

Thank you to my sponsors who allow me to pursue my dreams of qualifying for the Paris 2024 Paralympics

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